New funding opportunities for initiatives with a marine and coastal focus under SwedBio’s collaborative programme

News Rising high on the national agenda Sweden has increasingly recognized the challenges related to governance of the oceans. Life in the sea and the livelihoods depending on the vitality of the world’s oceans are concerns that appear high on the...  Read more »

Global Dialogue on Human Rights and Biodiversity Conservation – a space to meet and find common ground

News About 50 representatives of Indigenous peoples, local communities, African regional experts, international governmental and non-governmental organisations, including experts in human rights, conservation and biological diversity, as well as the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (by video...  Read more »

Human rights principles are a firm foundation for safeguarding biodiversity and wellbeing for all

News Human rights principles can provide a solid framework for finding ways to overcome poverty and safeguard life on Earth and underwater. This is because most countries have ratified various international human rights agreements, such as the International Covenant on Economic,...  Read more »

Wealthy in well-being

News Nature contributes to the well-being of humans in multiple ways, from offering shade and providing food to playing a key role in spiritual and cultural life. Moreover, earth’s biological resources are vital to economic development and yet biodiversity is being...  Read more »