Innovation, environnement, développement en Afrique (IED Afrique) is an independent non-profit organization based in Senegal. It has since 2005 taken over the Sahel Program of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), which was set up in 1993, and continues and reinforces its achievements. IED Afrique promotes innovation, participation, social inclusion, sharing and exchange of experiences through learning, action research, networking and dissemination of information. IED Afrique accompanies CBOs, NGOs, and local and national governments in strengthening participatory governance to promote sustainable development. The mission of IED Afrique is to contribute to the achievement of equitable and sustainable development through the promotion of inclusive and innovative policies and practices.

Our collaboration: SwedBio’s and IED Afriques collaboration concerns the AgriCultures Network, a global network which strive to mainstream the values, principles and practices that underlie agroecology and family farming. The AgriCultures Network facilitate co-creation of knowledge at community level as well as between farmer organisations, researchers, academia, policy makers and civil society actors. They also support the systematisation of practical experiences and promote policies that are supportive of agroecology rooted in family farming. The network produce regional and global magazines on sustainable farming, reaching about a million readers globally. See the global edition “Farming Matters”.

IED Afrique in Senegal hosts the secretariat of the network and is project holder for the SwedBio supported project “Scaling-up agroecology” which aim to empower family farmers’ movements and other civil society organizations to shape changes in policy in order to foster agroecological transition and food sovereignty.