IDLO is an intergovernmental organization with a joint focus on the rule of law and development. Its aim is to secure dignified lives by creating a culture of justice. Towards this aims, IDLO empowers people and communities to claim their rights, and provides governments with the know-how to realize them. IDLO has been working since 2011 to advance discussions on the role of the rule of law for environmental sustainability – raising awareness about innovative new legal norms for sustainability and working hand-in-hand with national lawyers around the world to share legal breakthroughs.

Our collaboration: SwedBio-IDLO’s collaborative partnership entitled “Advancing Legal Approaches for Biodiversity Mainstreaming”, has contributed to develop three legal assessment tools that provide targeted and effective policy advice for countries to work towards biodiversity mainstreaming. Two of these tools are being piloted in Kenya, with a view to defining concrete legislative and policy actions to take towards biodiversity mainstreaming. The tools have also been formally accepted by the Secretariat of the CBD as resource materials to be provided to Member Parties during the next COP.