1. SwedBio can only fund initiatives that are relevant to the objectives of SwedBio at Stockholm Resilience Centre:

Development Objective (Vision): ”The vision of the Stockholm Resilience Centre is a world where social-ecological systems are understood, governed and managed, to enhance human well-being and the capacity to deal with complexity and change, for the sustainable co-evolution of human civilizations with the biosphere.”

Programme Objective (Mission): “Enable knowledge generation, dialogue and exchange between practitioners, policy makers and scientists for development and implementation of policies and methods at multiple scales – which contribute to poverty alleviation, equity, sustainable livelihoods and social-ecological systems rich in biodiversity that persist, adapt and transform under global change such as climate change”.


2. SwedBio provides financial support to a limited number of strategic initiatives that perform activities related to SwedBio’s objectives.

3. SwedBio supports international organisations, institutes, universities and civil society organisations, including indigenous peoples and local communities organisations, in particular regional and global networks of these kinds of organisations, with projects and programmes of regional and global relevance, primarily based in developing countries (according to the OECD DAC list of low income countries and least developed countries), and that are implementing activities in developing countries.

4. Support is mainly given to initiatives that are involved in learning and co-development of knowledge, including practice, policy, research and education, SwedBio can not fund scientific research or scientific education per se, but collaborations between policy makers, practitioners and scientists. See Guiding principles for knowledge collaborations.

5. SwedBio can contribute to participation of organisations in meetings and workshops, but mainly organisations coordinating participation from several southern-based groups and countries.

6. SwedBio does not sponsor individuals with either for example research grants or to participate in meetings/workshops

7. SwedBio does not support organisations or projects that are only of national character, all supported work must have regional and global relevance and links.

8. All supported projects must be managed by collaborative partners with adequate organisational structure and management capacity (transparent, accountable, and democratic, with a balanced representation of relevant parties, including gender).

9. Priority for support is given to initiatives that do not receive substantial support from other Swedish sources and especially not for the same purpose.

10. SwedBio usually does not enter into a contribution if there are no other donors. For shorter projects or contributions to participation of developing country actors in international negotiations or other relevant meetings SwedBio can consider being the only donor.