1. Project concept notes

SwedBio welcomes submissions of concept notes continuously and also looks for organisations and project ideas ourselves. Short concept notes (not more than 3 pages) with a description of the project and requested amount can be submitted to swedbio@su.se or your SwedBio contact person.

SwedBio does not have a template for concept notes or proposals, and welcomes different formats to allow for synergies with other contributing donor’s requirements. All the same, the concept note should preferably describe the following:  

  • Brief description of the applicant/your organisation (such as mandate, organisational structure, vision, mission, main achievements)
  • Brief background description and problem analysis.
  • A clear overall aim.
  • Clearly specified objectives, expected outcomes and project activities.
  • Target groups and countries/regions.
  • Participating partners.
  • Project period.
  • Requested amount over the project period.
  • How the proposed programme/project respond to emerging risks such as COVID-19.

Please consider the project’s relevance to SwedBio’s objectives and support criteria. We cannot consider projects that do not meet these criteria.

SwedBio contributes to shorter projects through our small-grants support (total support corresponding to maximum SEK 500,000) and to longer, multi-year projects. For multi-year projects we encourage to seek co-funding also from other donors.

2. First assessment

We receive and process requests continuously, and all concept notes and proposals that meet SwedBio support criteria are assessed by the SwedBio Working Group. Concept notes and proposals are assessed according to their relevance in relation to: 

You may be contacted to clarify and / or supplement with additional information as required.

3. First decision

Based on the initial assessment, the Working Group will decide whether to invite you to proceed with a full proposal for your project idea or not. We aim to get back to you with our response within 6 weeks.

4. Assessment of your organisation

If we choose to proceed with your project idea, we will request more information about your organisation. At this stage, we request that you fill in an organisational self-assessment form and share supporting documents such as organisational audit reports, registration certificates, statutes, etc.

5. Development of full proposal

Based on the outcome of the organisational assessment, we may ask you to develop a full project proposal. A full proposal should preferably include:

  • (Brief) background description and problem analysis.
  • A clear overall aim.
  • Clearly specified objectives, expected outcomes and project activities including a description of project’s outcomes for biodiversity, healthy ecosystems and human wellbeing.
  • Clear background description of the method(s) used to undertake the project, why you think this method will help you fulfil your objectives and your experience (if any) using it.
  • Clear description of method(s) to be used to monitor the outcomes of the project.
  • Target groups.
  • Description of participating partners, including how they will participate in the activities of the project and any relevant previous experience of working together.
  • Specifics on country-level plans (if applicable, mainly relevant for long-term projects with national partners).
  • Risk analysis including mitigation measures for identified risks, with special consideration to conflict analysis and how the project responds to emerging risks, such as COVID-19.
  • Gender analysis, addressing how the project considers and impact gender equality.
  • Timetable showing when the project activities will be performed.
  • A budget prepared in line with the SwedBio guidelines for budget and financial reporting.

6. Final decision

The full proposal is then reassessed in the SwedBio Working Group for a final decision on whether to support the project or not. Note that SwedBio may, in the assessment, approve the submitted proposal in principle, but still require some adjustments. The responsible SwedBio Programme Officer and Financial Controller work closely with you to provide guidance and support the final version of the proposal and budget for ultimate approval. The time this step takes will depend on the time your organisation need to address the adjustments requested.

7. Agreement

Once the final version of the proposal, including the budget is approved, SwedBio and the collaborative partner organisation sign an agreement that regulates the terms and conditions for our partnership. Then our collaboration can formally start!