Partners within SwedBio’s Collaborative Programme

SwedBio has a Collaborative Programme and can support a limited number of strategic initiatives in developing countries (low income countries and least developed countries). Long-term partners that received support from the Collaborative Programme 2015 are listed below.

Other SwedBio partners

In its knowledge interface role, SwedBio collaborates with a broad spectra of partners – or target groups – all of which have relevance for developing countries:

  • Civil society organisations such as Indigenous Peoples and local communities groups of regional and global relevance
  • UN bodies
  • Other international networks and organisations
  • International agencies working with international development cooperation (such as multilateral donors including the World Bank, bilateral donors, UN agencies)
  • Swedish organisations working with Swedish international development cooperation
  • Swedish government offices and other international negotiators
  • Governments and institutions in developing countries working with management of natural resources
  • Universities and research centres
  • Private sector, when relevant for SwedBio’s objectives