Partners within the Collaborative Partner Implementation Pathway

Under the Collaborative Partner Implementation Pathway SwedBio can support a limited number of strategic initiatives in the global South . Long-term partners that received support under the Collaborative Partner Implementation Pathway are listed below.

Other SwedBio partners

SwedBio work with diverse target groups in the Collaborative partner implementation pathway and the Dialogue for knowledge and policy pathway. Relevance for SwedBio’s targeted countries (primarily least developed and other low income countries, but also middle income countries) applies for all SwedBio’s collaborations. In the Dialogue for knowledge and policy pathway, we target and work with:

  • The partner organisations we provide funding to
  • Policymakers, parties, researchers and other actors engaged in international arenas related to the core policy processes for SwedBio. 
  • Other civil society actors and organisations outside SwedBio direct partners, international networks and organisations of regional and global relevance including Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities’ groups; 
  • International networks and organisations, and other international agencies working with international development cooperation (e.g. multilateral donors, bilateral donors, or UN agencies);
  • Staff working with Swedish international development cooperation; 
  • Swedish government offices and other international government negotiators;
  • Staff at governments and institutions in developing countries working with management of natural resources; 
  • Universities and research centres; 
  • Others, such as the private sector, may also be engaged with when relevant for SwedBio’s objectives.