Inclusive conversations: Opportunities for the Implementation of a Human Rights-Based Approach to Biodiversity and Climate Action

News We are excited to inform our partners and wider network about an ongoing dialogue process focused on integrating a human rights-based approach (HRBA) into the core of biodiversity and climate action. Despite existing international frameworks, there is still a gap...  Read more »

NEW GUIDE: Human Rights and Biodiversity

Brief Working in collaboration with like-minded allies, SwedBio and other members of the Human Rights and Biodiversity group have co-produced a series of briefing papers intended to influence the negotiation of that Framework, and continue to work in the same collaboration...  Read more »

SwedBio at the Biodiversity Meetings in Nairobi

News Here you will be able to find a few highlights of of the SwedBio delegation at the Biodiversity meetings in Nairobi, Kenya. This page will be updated continuously under the period of 13- 29 May 2024. We have 3 of...  Read more »

WEBINAR- Sand Mining: Risks and opportunities for global sustainability

News SwedBio facilitated a webinar by The Swedish Ocean Platform to End Poverty on sand-mining. It was co-organized with SwedBio, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. Sand is the unsung hero of...  Read more »