Towards a more inclusive valuation of nature

News ACTING IN A POSITION OF POWER: The outcomes of nature valuation and decision-making processes are vastly affected by unequal power relations. This imbalance is at the core of most environmental problems. “Decisions on the use of nature reflect the values...  Read more »

Making women visible in small-scale fisheries, seaweed farming, and aquaculture

News Small-scale fisheries (SSF) are a way of life. It is part of culture, traditions, and identity. It is an activity that is diverse, dynamic, uses basic technologies, and is often connected to local communities. Many small-scale fishers are self-employed, and...  Read more »

Using Minecraft to redesign urban spaces

News On World Cities Day, October 31, 2019, an informal waste dumping site in Addis Ababa was re-opened as an urban park and a space where the local community can spend time in nature. Minecraft, a popular video game, was used...  Read more »

Human rights for thriving biodiversity and healthy ecosystems

News The year 2020 marks a new era for biodiversity. The United Nations Decade on Biodiversity comes to an end, making way for a new biodiversity framework. In developing a post-2020 global biodiversity framework for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD),...  Read more »