Eyes on the ocean: SwedBio’s expanding work in marine and coastal systems

News Sweden has, as many other nations, increasingly recognized the challenges related to governance of the oceans. Life in the sea and livelihoods depending on the vitality of the world’s oceans, are concerns that are high up on the Swedish government’s...  Read more »

Multiactor dialogues – The sustainable futures of African agriculture

News Second dialogue on Africa’s contribution to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals focused on agriculture and food systems. How can African agriculture and food systems reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while staying with planetary boundaries? And how do...  Read more »

SwedBio has a new Director- Henrik Brundin

News We are happy to announce that SwedBio has a new Director, Henrik Brundin. Henrik has joined the SwedBio team in 2019, from the Swedish development organization We Effect, where he worked as the deputy CEO from January 2016. Previous assignments...  Read more »

“Living with the bees”: Indigenous landscape management supports pollination

Multiactor dialogues Experts gathered in dialogue during the past days in the Karen community of Hin Lad Nai, Chiang Rai province, Thailand, witnessed the excellent example of pollinators protection integrated in a traditional farming system. They noted and appreciated the Thai Government’s...  Read more »