SwedBio conducts strategic communication adapted to meet the needs of SwedBio’s target groups. Regular news updates are made through a battery of communication channels; through the website, social media, publications such as reports and policy briefs, a quarterly web based newsletter and through face-to-face meetings, side events, seminars and dialogues.


SwedBio’s target groups

The main target groups of SwedBio’s work, all of which need to have relevance for developing countries (low income countries and least developed countries), are:

  • Civil society organisations such as indigenous peoples and local communities groups of regional and global relevance;
  • International networks and organisations;
  • International organisations such as UN bodies;
  • Other international agencies working with international development cooperation (for example multilateral donors including the World Bank, bilateral donors, or UN agencies);
  • Staff working with Swedish international development cooperation (Sida, Swedish organisations and consulting firms working with international development cooperation);
  • Swedish government offices and other international negotiators;
  • Staff at different competence levels of governments and institutions in developing countries working with management of natural resources;
  • Universities and research centres;
  • Private sector, when relevant for SwedBio’s objectives;
  • If financed from other sources: Swedish students working with projects linked to management of natural resources in developing countries