In SwedBio’s Theory of Change, this work falls under the dialogue for knowledge and policy pathway.

Through partner-led dialogues, SwedBio connects knowledge holders from across the globe on biodiversity and sustainable development from local communities, academia and policy. These actors strive to increase equity, improve sustainable livelihoods, and ensure a future where people and nature are in harmony. Through dialogue, SwedBio and partners identify solutions and ways to apply them – both on-the-ground and in international policy arenas.

SwedBio also works to connect local actors to international policy processes. By engaging local partners, SwedBio creates opportunities for local actors voices to be heard on topics concerning biodiversity and sustainable development. These voices are often marginalised voices, such as Indigenous peoples and local communities. Through creating space for marginalized voices in international policy settings, SwedBio aims to make international biodiversity and sustainable development policies more equitable and inclusive.