SwedBio’s most important source of work related to gender and resilient social-ecological systems comes from our partners. Many of them have a long and rich experience in working with gender and biodiversity issues, in the field, in international negotiations, and...  Read more »


Read more about SwedBio’s policy on conflict work here.

Human Rights-Based Approach

Read more about SwedBio’s Human Rights-Based Approach policy here. SwedBio works to include an equity, democracy and rights perspectives in all its activities. SwedBio emphasizes a human rights-based approach (HRBA), as one of its cross-cutting principles. The HRBA framework analyses...  Read more »

Adaptive Approach and Social-Ecological Perspective

As stated in SwedBio’s Theory of Change (ToC) we are applying an adaptive approach: “We apply an adaptive approach to seize synergies and embrace complexity by thoughtfully choosing the most context appropriate next step available. We are guided by social-ecological...  Read more »