Cross-cutting perspectives that underpin and should be analysed in all SwedBio’s operations are: resilience perspectives and social-ecological systems rich in biodiversity. Cross-cutting values that underlie and should be analysed in all SwedBio’s operations are: poverty alleviation, equity, human rights, democracy, gender and endogenous development.


SwedBio is dedicated to advancing equality for women and men as an integrated part of our efforts towards sustainable and equitable development, and management and use of biodiversity and ecosystem services. In many contexts, men and women have unequal access...  Read more »


The impacts of biodiversity loss and climate change exacerbate the drivers of conflict or existing sources of tension in society. Associated policy decisions and interventions can also have unintended consequences that increase conflict risks, especially when they are poorly planned...  Read more »

Human Rights-Based Approach

SwedBio works to include an equity, democracy and rights perspectives in all its activities. SwedBio emphasizes a human rights-based approach (HRBA), as one of its cross-cutting principles and has developed an HRBA Policy. The HRBA framework analyses power structures and...  Read more »

Adaptive Approach

As stated in SwedBio’s Theory of Change (ToC) we are applying an adaptive approach: “We apply an adaptive approach to seize synergies and embrace complexity by thoughtfully choosing the most context appropriate next step available. We are guided by social-ecological...  Read more »

Guiding Principles for Knowledge Collaborations

When engaging in co-creation of new knowledge across knowledge systems and cultures it is important to have a clear framework and transparent principles and procedures to guide the motivation, character and intent of the collaborative initiatives. SwedBio’s Guiding Principles for...  Read more »