Grouped under Themes are five different thematic focal areas, some with close interlinkages. These are Livelihood, food & health; Cities & biodiversity; Biocultural diversity; Climate change & ecosystems; and Values & governance, all presented below.


This theme embraces activities where smallholder farmers reclaim their rights to resources and knowledge. In recent years, agroecology and regenerative farming systems have been highlighted as promising options for more resilient food production. Diverse production systems, compared to single-crop systems,...  Read more »

Urban Nature

The Urban Nature theme works with urban planning with ecosystem services. This theme also works to increase understanding and use of relevant nature-based solutions – or integrated nature and culture-based solutions – in urban areas. Building capacity among local governments...  Read more »

Biocultural Diversity

Alongside partners among Indigenous peoples and local community organisations, contribute to better governance and management of social- ecological systems and to the strengthening of biological and cultural diversity and the links between them. Increased respect and recognition for Indigenous and...  Read more »

Climate Change

SwedBio’s Climate Change theme contributes to equitable ecosystem governance and management that supports sustainable livelihoods as well as adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk reduction related to climate change, through analysis and measures related to resilience and social-ecological systems. SwedBio brings...  Read more »

Small-Scale Fisheries

This work is done through increasing their voices, participation and recognition of their tenure rights, by highlighting their local knowledge, values, cultures so that resilient sustainable livelihoods and food security is ensured. Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF) play a crucial role in...  Read more »