Programme officer

+46 (0)734 61 11 68

At SwedBio, Ana Carolina Marciano works with the interface of policy and practice within marine and coastal sustainability issues related to biodiversity, resilience, and development.

Ana’s work focuses primarily on SwedBio marine programme, where she contributes to policy and practice related to marine and coastal socio-ecological systems. Her role as a member of SwedBio team together with local partners’ organizations is to facilitate the dynamic between coastal and local communities, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers on developing strategies to manage marine/coastal resources based on social-ecological principals.

Through her career, Ana Carolina has worked closely with local and traditional communities to encourage and strengthen their participation in decision-making regarding natural resource management. She has worked in the coast of Brazil with maroon communities and small-scale artisanal fishers with capacity building, community engagement and participation in decision-making under the environmental permit and licenses public policy, in order to guarantee their territory and livelihood.

Ana Carolina has also worked in Marine Protected Areas managed with local communities’ participation. She was responsible for mobilizing communities, promoting discussion, gathering and highlighting different types of knowledge, as well as developing fishing management strategies with different actors.

Ana Carolina is a biologist with an MSc. in Environmental Sciences with a focus on Environmental Communication and Natural Resources Management.