Sara Elfstrand

Sara Elfstrand is a Programme Coordinator at SwedBio.

Sara is an agronomist with a research background. Before joining SwedBio in 2008 she worked in an interdisciplinary research programme on agroecology, focusing on the impact of the use of green manure on soil fertility in organic vegetable production.

Her main area of work at SwedBio is related to coordination of the Collaborative Programme and to overall programme planning and reporting (monitoring). In recent years she has also worked on resilience assessments, for example through multi-actor dialogues to promote knowledge exchange related to resilience assessments and integration of social-ecological resilience principles and resilience thinking into development and biodiversity planning frameworks. Another approach has been the development of an e-learning course on resilience assessments for development practitioners, developed by SwedBio together with SRC education and research and SwedBio partners.


Contact Sara Elfstrand

Programme Coordinator at SwedBio
Phone: +46 (0)73 460 48 84