SwedBio is part of the initiative ‘Resilient Communities’, a working group within the Agricultural Biodiversity Community network, which is the outcome of a partnership with the Oxfam Novib – Hivos Knowledge Programme*.

Different actors has come together in this working group to co-create the Communities Self Assessing Resilience process, which is inclusive, empowering, easy to use and applicable in many different agricultural biodiversity contexts. Such a process helps communities to a) identify and monitor sources and status of resilience in their communities for themselves, and b) in some contexts, to communicate development programming preferences to external actors.

Please check out the website to see examples of completed and on-going field trials, and to download relevant resources for assessing resilience with a self-led approach.  Contact jamila.haider@su.se if you are interested to learn more about the process, of if you would like to use and document your own process!


*originally set up as part of a Oxfam Hivos Knowledge Programme, Agrobiodiversity@knowledged