Side events hosted by SwedBio and partners:


Monday 2017.12.11 @ 6:15pm – Business Meeting Room (520A)

Strategies and legal tools for mainstreaming biodiversity and human rights in the mining sector

SwedBio | UNDP | SEPA | IDLO | Natural Justice  

Tuesday 2017.12.12 @ 1:15pm – GRULAC Meeting Room (519A)

Opportunities for enhanced integration of ecosystem-based approaches in national climate change policy 

SwedBio | CBD

Wednesday 2017.12.13 @ 1:15pm – Plenary Room (517D)

Progress in the implementation of Article 8 (j) and the future of the Working Group of the Article 8 (j)


Thursday 2017.12.14 @ 6:15pm – African Group Room Room (518C)

Using the CBD Voluntary guidelines for safeguards in Biodiversity Financing Mechanisms as a tool for implementing CBD article 8(j) and related provisions

SwedBio | CBD | IDLO | Natural Justice | RMIB-LAC

Friday 2017.12.15 @ 13:15 – GRULAC Meeting Room (519A)

Human Rights and Biodiversity Conservation: Scaling up the Synergies in the Post-2020 Aichi Targets and the SDG Agenda 

SwedBio | CBD | CIPDP | FPP | Natural Justice