The Global Dialogue on Human Rights and Biodiversity Conservation was held on 20–23 November 2017 in Eldoret, Kenya. It was co-convened by SwedBio, Forest Peoples Programme and Natural Justice and hosted by the Chepkitale Indigenous Peoples’ Development Project (CIPDP), founded by the Ogiek Indigenous community of Mt Elgon, Kenya.
The dialogue held the conviction that Indigenous and local people and conservation organisations can be strategic allies, mutually supporting one another for enhanced Human Rights promotion and biodiversity and ecosystems governance.
The objectives of the dialogue were: firstly, to foster open and forward-looking discussions about actions to support the Ogiek and Sengwer Indigenous peoples of Kenya, in their struggle to keep living in and governing their ancestral lands, which are rich in biodiversity and form the base for their livelihoods; and secondly, to advance a larger process evaluating and improving existing approaches, tools and practices that emerged based on the conviction that human rights protection can and should be complementary to safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystems.